Fort Colle delle Benne

The Fort Colle delle Benne, near the town of Levico, is one of the Austro-Hungarian border fortresses built in Vogl style in the last third of the nineteenth century. Built between 1880 and 1882 together with the Fort Tenna,  the fort was armed with two M 05 howitzers of 10 cm  in armored turrets, and four M 80 cannons of 12 cm in armored pillboxes. During World War I the Fort, too far from the front line and outdated to withstand the new and powerful artillery, was disarmed and used as a depot. It has been dismantled in the early '30s to recover iron structures. Bought by the city of Levico in 1933, it has been recently restored and opened to the public, becoming a centre of exhibitions and other cultural activities.