June 1918

The battle of hunger

And the enemy returned for pride and hunger
he wanted to vent all his desires,
he saw the open plan above: he still wanted to
feed and to exult again!

This verse of the famous song La leggenda del Piave sums up one of the main aspects of the so-called battle of the Solstice. On the one hand the difficulty for the imperial-royal army to feed troops to the front - in a state of severe malnutrition - because of the lack of supplies, so that the officers resorted to the call of the rich booty captured after Caporetto to motivate the soldiers to launch into battle. On the other, one of the leitmotifs of Italian propaganda among the troops of the royal army was the emphasis in defending not only the homeland, but also the economic and material goods from the greed of the invaders, who if they had passed would have sacked and looted the Veneto territory.