March 1915

Caproni and Champagne

In the futurist ideology war was intended as “only hygiene of the world” and exalted for its speed, strong sensations, the big boost to the industry development and its dynamism, basics principles for the movement and strongly presents in the arts associated with it. In March 1915 the Società per lo Sviluppo dell'Aviazione in Italia was founded in Milan by Gianni (1886-1957) and Federico Caproni; pioneers among the italian aeronautic industry, the brothers started the mass production of airplanes, another important symbol of the futurist movement.
Despite the premises, after just a few months of mobile warfare, the conflict became static. In the same month the Battle of Champagne ended, considered the first offensive of the Allies after the end of the mobile warfare, and the first clash wich marked the beginning of a trance warfare between quagmires, trenches and barbed wire.