January 1915

Ferdinand Von Zeppelin

Since the 80s of the nineteenth century Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838 – 1917), German general, was responsible for the design of airships. At the outbreak of World War I Germany possessed a substantial fleet of Zeppelin also used for aerial bombing. On the night of January 19 1915 two airships dropped twenty four bombs 50 kg each on Great Yarmouth, Sheringham and King's Lynn. The media impact of the bombing, wich for the first time involved civilian target, was enormous and soon spread poster of anti-German propaganda. In 2009 a cinephile bought an old film for 3 pounds on eBay, mostly intrigued by the container. Once opened he discovered inside Charlie Chaplin in Zepped, a propaganda film (hitherto unknown) produced shortly after the first air strikes on London and the rest of Britain, starring the famoush British actor (1889 – 1977).