October 1917

The general Luigi Cadorna

Figure that still stimulates debate, Luigi Cadorna (1850 - 1928) was a general of the Royal Italian Army of great determination and offensive spirit. His famous "shouldered" have gone down in history for having worn the spirit and morale of his men, compared with modest results against the enemy army.

Cadorna was a severe general and a supporter of decimation as a response to acts of mutiny or cowardice, as evidenced by two circulars of 1916 issued by him:

"... when the identification of the personal identity of the perpetrators is not possible, the commanders have the right and the duty to extract some of the soldiers who are suspected and to punish them by the death penalty."

In the post-war years, the general was subjected to some kind of shooting by the press and public opinion, which did not spare words such as butcher, assassin, and rifleman.