September 1918

Highway of Death. 1918-1991

Between 19 and 25 September 1918 the Battle of Megiddo took place, composed by the the Battle of Nablus – where the British Empire's XX Corps attacked the Ottoman Empire's Seventh Army – and the Battle of Sharon – where the XXI Corps attacked the Eight Army. The Battle of Megiddo began the Final Offensive of the war in the Sinai and Palestine campaign.

The heavy and constant air bombardments on both fronts were fundamental, aimed at interrupting the possible escape routes of the enemies, as witnessed by a letter from Edmund Allenby:

“[...] My infantry yesterday captured Tulkeram, and are now pursuing the enemy eastwards to Nablus... I was at Tulkaram today, and went along the Nablus road. It is strewn with broken lorries, wagons, dead Turks, horses and oxen; mostly killed and smashed by our bombing aeroplanes. [...]”

During the Gulf War, in February 1991 U.S. planes bombed and destroyed the units of the retreating Iraqi army, on the route from Kuwait City to Basra, Iraq.

Within decades, in both battles, aircraft were decisive in destroying military convoys, sowing panic and desolation.