August 1916

Luigi Capello and Gorizia

Averted the danger brought Austrian offensive in Trentino in May, between 9 and 10 August 1916 the Italian Supreme Command unleashed the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo, in which there were losses of 50,000 Italians and 40,000 Austrians. To support the main offensive effort there were the troops of General Luigi Capello (1859 - 1941), who had managed to get a strong artillery mass capable of destroying the Austrian defenses, allowing them to take the city of Gorizia after the bloody battle. Important was the use of the railway: Luigi Cadorna maintained the troops on the Vicenza plain until the last moment, then move them quickly by train on the Isonzo front by train, tricking the Austrians. At the same time the trench mortars (the "bombarda") represented a surprise as to allow to devastate the Austrian positions, opening large gaps through which passed the Italian troops.
With the conquest of Gorizia, Capello regarded himself as the heir to Cadorna, which is often associated due the similar tendency to sacrifice large numbers of men in bloody battles. Freemason with socialist tendencies, was among the first to join the Fascist movement. However, he turned away from the Fascist movement and took part in the organization of a failed assassination attempt against Mussolini in 1925.