July 1915

The sinking of the Iberian and the U28

July the 30th the German U-Boat SM U-28 – drive by Freiherr Georg-Günther von Forstner – targeted the Iberian, a British cargo ship, 17 kilometers off the Fastnet lighthouse, Cork County, Ireland. The ship was sunk and seven members of the crew died. The day after, the  U-28 sank two Royal Navy ship: the HMS Nugget and the HMS Turquoise, both offshore the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago of Cornwall.

A strange little event born with the sinking of the 30th, July: it seems that the wreck remained under water for 20 seconds, until an explosion made the debris emerging. The legend tells that, with the debris, a huge acquatic creature emerged, similar to a crocodile, wich quickly disappeared among the waves.

Beyond the sea monsters and legends, an who wants to stoke it, its clear that the German society, despite the diffused modernist culture, was deeply fascinated about nordic cult of Teutonic warrior.

This is clear in this episode as well as in the names of the defensive lines, in the nicknames assigned to the tanks and, in general, throughout the whole German propaganda.