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Although having helped since 1915 the Entente powers with goods and armaments, the US remained neutral until April 1917; the German unlimited submarine warfare, which caused great economic damages, forced finally the government to enter the war. In the first period, with the exception of the fleet, the military contribution of the US forces was limited; since the early months of 1918 hundreds of thousand of soldiers were deployed on the Western front, changing the unstable equilibrium on the...
Between the end of May and the beginning of June 1917, the French Army on the Western Front was rocked by a wave of rebellion and unprecedented acts of disobedience. A spirit of protest inflamed numerous units, fuelled by the general circumstances in the spring of 1917 - marked by the failure of the great Nivelle Offensive -, the echoes of the Russian Revolution and civilian demonstrations. Units on leave did not want to return to the front line, and those who were already there refused to...
With the entry of Italy into World War I, Cadorna finally had a way to put in practice his convictions on carrying out the offensive. He presented himself at the front as an esteemed general, but still lacked experience. In fact during the various wars fought by Italy until then, military campaigns with often uncertain and sometimes disastrous results, he had never occupied positions of command.
"May any cowardice die here. Let all the classes and all parties that sincerely love the homeland merge in a single outburst of pride and faith, to repeat as during the memorable days of May 1915 to the enemy who listened in ambush: Italy knows only the way of honour."
(Gen. Luigi Cadorna)
In Britain, where the conscription was voluntary, the enthusiasm for the war and the indignation for the German atrocities in Belgium moved in a few months hundreds of thousands of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish to enrol in the Army. Only in early 1916 the sharp decline in the number of volunteers prompted the government to introduce a forced conscription.
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