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It is the horror of imprisonment that is necessary to inspire the soldiers
(Gen. Morrone - Minister of War)

On 8th May 1918 one topic dominated the front pages of the Austro-Hungarian newspapers: the peace treaty signed the day before with Romania. This put a definitive end to the 1916/17 campaign, which the Central Powers waged successfully, though it did put their forces under strain, and which only the Russian Revolution managed to bring to an end.

The Romanian way to the war:
"It is certain, for example as regards Trentino, that at least 70% of those resettled were not evacuated on the basis of economic or purely military reasons, but for partly military, that is, for police reasons, and these people were not really evacuated - this is a euphemistic term - but exiled. "
Alcide De Gasperi, speech to the Parliament in Vienna, 12 July 1917
In October of 1915, a massive joint offensive of the Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian and German forces, commanded by the German General von Mackensen, overwhelmed the Serbian army and completed the conquest of the Balkans. After more than a year of resistance, the Serbs had recover to the Greek island of Corfu, under the protection of the Allied forces.
On 22 March of 1915, 117,000 Austrian soldiers surrendered to the Russian forces in what was the longest siege of the Great War, having resisted for 133 days in the fort of Przesmyl, in Galicia. They were the last survivors of a contingent of 127,000 soldiers and 18,000 civilians.
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