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May 31, 1916, is identified as the beginning of the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle in the First World War.
The clash resulted in a British victory despite the Royal Navy losses where almost three times more than the German. The British fleet managed to repel the German attempt to force the naval blockade around their coasts. The Jutland battle, despite being a victory paid at high price, was further obscured a few days later. On June 5, Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener (1850 – 1916...
The story of the light cruiser of the Kaiserliche Marine SMS Königsberg, is inextricably linked to Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck (1870 – 1964), the general who led the German troops in the East African Campaign. The cruiser, in service since the beginning of the war, was commanded by Captain Max Loof, who sank a cargo and a British cruiser, before finding shelter in the delta of the Rufiji River in Tanzania, due to a failure of the boilers. The British forces began a campaign to hunt the cruiser...
The Great War was a war of long and bloody battles. The blood of soldiers of all the European powers poured on the land border along the edges. 
The landing at Gallipoli was one of the bloodiest operations of the Great War, if compared to the amount of troops involved and the small extension of the front. The sacrifice of the Australian and New Zealand troops became a founding myth for these young nations.
In October 1915, in the battle of Loos (Flanders), better known at the time as “The Big Push”, the British army used for the first time poison gas, in order to react to the Germans. And sooner or later all armies introduced in mass this kind of weapons. 
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