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Between 19 and 25 September 1918 the Battle of Megiddo took place, composed by the the Battle of Nablus – where the British Empire's XX Corps attacked the Ottoman Empire's Seventh Army – and the Battle of Sharon – where the XXI Corps attacked the Eight Army. The Battle of Megiddo began the Final Offensive of the war in the Sinai and Palestine campaign.
The heavy and constant air bombardments on both fronts were fundamental, aimed at interrupting the possible escape routes of the enemies, as...
Since the 80s of the nineteenth century Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838 – 1917), German general, was responsible for the design of airships. At the outbreak of World War I Germany possessed a substantial fleet of Zeppelin also used for aerial bombing.
To respond to the economic blockade imposed by the Entente, Germany used the submarines on a large scale. The ship sinking left   the merchant shipping of the Allies in serious difficulty. However, the continuation of the war and the adoption of armed convoys caused  the German efforts to be useless.
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838-1917) belongs to the ranks of the genteel pioneers, the ultimately unfortunate counts. A member of the high aristocracy of Württemberg, his military career followed the aristocratic path par excellence: cavalry service. Intrigued by aviation experiments with aerostatic balloons, he began to study the problem of building an aerostatic balloon with a maneuverable rigid structure in the ’80’s. His ideas were initially considered unfeasible, arousing...
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