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Christmas Truce: A German testimony
Leutnant Johannes Niemann,
133rd Royal Saxon Regiment
We came up to take over the trenches on the front between Frelinghien and Houplines, where our regiment and the Scottish Seaforth Highlanders were face to face. It was a cold starry night and Scots were a hundred or so meters in front of us in their trenches where, as we discovered, like us they were up to their knees in mud. My Company Commander and...
On the Western Front at Christmas 1914 there were moments of fraternization between the opposing trenches: truces, exchange of greetings or small gifts, toast, “friendly” soccer games. These were spontaneous initiatives of small departments, convinced that the war would not last long. The fraternization were banned and severly punished by the commands, who could not tolerate sagging morale and combativeness. In successive Christmas these fraternization not repeated.
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