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At the outbreak of the Great War there was immediately an influx of prisoners higher than expected. The prison system imagined in the pre-war came into crisis: thousands of prisoners had to be kept, transferred and fed for years, in large camps off-center within the national territory, surrounded by barbed wire, with numerous guards. All the states involved tried, as far as possible, to respect international conventions, but Germany and Austria-Hungary - where the naval blockade caused...
It is the horror of imprisonment that is necessary to inspire the soldiers
(Gen. Morrone - Minister of War)

And the enemy returned for pride and hunger

he wanted to vent all his desires,

he saw the open plan above: he still wanted to

feed and to exult again!

This verse of the famous song La leggenda del Piave sums up one of the main aspects of the so-called battle of the Solstice. On the one hand the difficulty for the imperial-royal army to feed troops to the front - in a state of severe malnutrition - because of the lack of supplies, so that the...
While in the fall of 1917 the Austro-Hungarian armies had reached the Piave thus threatening to cause the exit of Italy from the war, the Austrian home front was paying dearly for the lack of food. The per capita rations in Vienna, the metropolis of the empire, had collapsed dramatically, prices skyrocketed and the black market flourished, aggravating the conditions of the mass of consumers.
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