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The celebretions for the end of the war quickly left room to an uncertain post-war period, made up of bad moods on the part of the losers and winners, intentions of revenge, nationalism and revolutionary attempts. The process of mourning for the millions of dead, wounded or horribly disfigured men guaranteed a twenty year of apparent peace, at the end of which Nazi-Fascism - imposed as a legacy of the First World War - dragged the world into a new, devastating conflict.
Between the end of 1917 and the spring of 1918, the Piave was the scene of two great Austrian offensive that would have to force the surrender of the kingdom of Italy. During the first battle of the Piave the Italian troops, believed won and morally destroyed by both Autrian and Italian military leaders, offered a strong resistance on Monte Grappa and along th the Piave river, allowing the defensive line along this river to continue to resist the offensive Austrian. The battle of the Solstice...
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