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Talking to Barrière about the transport to Italy of Austrian prisoners (600 officers and 30,000 soldiers) captured by the Serbs and presently in Albania, I told him that I did not see any reason why we should not keep them in Italy after having overcome all the great difficulties and dangers of men and ships [...]
Sidney Sonnino to Camille Barbière, French Ambassador to Italy on 9 December 1915

"The war against Austria-Hungary which, under the high command of HM the King, supreme leader, the Italian Army, inferior in the number of men and vehicles, began on 24 May 1915 and with unwavering faith and tenacious valour conducted continuously and fiercely for 41 months, has been won. The gigantic battle which began on the 24th of October, and in which fifty-one Italian divisions, three British, two French, one Czechoslovak, and an American regiment took part, against seventy-three...
“With just as much determination and persistence however we will have to oppose those elements […], who for political  […] reasons, in such decisive and fateful times for the fatherland, adopt an indifferent or indeed hostile attitude towards the armed forces and the State.”

Austro-Hungarian Minister-President Karl Graf von Stürgkh, September 1914.

Although the Austro-Hungarian AOK [Armeeoberkommando] prior to 1914 had repeatedly expressed uncertainty with regard...
“I was sent to the Lager on 30 August, and since that time I have been treated like a beast. […] Last week, for three days in a row, for dinner we received a small handful of maize flour; it’s a pity that none of us had any utensils to cook it with. […] My son has now been seriously ill for days and I have lost 5 kg in 8 days. […] I would have much preferred to go on the firing line rather than slowly rot in this swamp.”
Maria Graziadei, refugee in the Mitterndorf camp. Letter of...
"It is certain, for example as regards Trentino, that at least 70% of those resettled were not evacuated on the basis of economic or purely military reasons, but for partly military, that is, for police reasons, and these people were not really evacuated - this is a euphemistic term - but exiled. "
Alcide De Gasperi, speech to the Parliament in Vienna, 12 July 1917
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