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Lyrics of O Gorizia tu sei maledetta (In english “Oh Gorizia you are cursed), folk song of anonymous author, referring to the battle that led to the Italian conquest of the city, between 7 and 10 August 1916. The song is characterized by strongly anti-military tones. The last verse, often, is not mentioned, because of allegations of insulting the state institutions.
Gorizia in popular song
O Gorizia, you are cursed / for every heart that feels consciousness;...
August 6, 1916, at 7 am, the Italian artillery opened a violent barrage from Tolmin to the sea. The Sixth Battle of the Isonzo had begun and would have ended with the conquest of Gorizia, representing the first Italian victory after more than thirteen months of war.
“While death is strolling around Gorizia, meadows and trees bloom everywhere with overwhelming exuberance. It’s like being in the dressing room of a prima donna. However, the women, who are back in the kitchen and help to clean, smile embarrassed, “We are just doing our duty”.  Sure, they forgot to add “For heaven's sake! Don’t mention the war!” ”
(Alice Schalek, Viennese journalist and writer, war correspondent)

The Isonzo valley was the front of intense Italian efforts to open a breach between the Austro-Hungarian defences. The line of combat stretched from Mount Tolmino as far as the sea. 
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