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The young soldiers born in 1899 had their baptism of fire. Their behaviour was magnificent. (...) They went to the front line singing. I saw them return in small numbers. They were still singing.
(Daily report signed by General Armando Diaz on 18 November 1917)
The great battle in Veneto started by the Austro-Hungarian army with the last of its forces, but also with the firm will to achieve victory, had ended with a failure very similar to a real defeat.
(Concluding remarks...
Between the end of 1917 and the spring of 1918, the Piave was the scene of two great Austrian offensive that would have to force the surrender of the kingdom of Italy. During the first battle of the Piave the Italian troops, believed won and morally destroyed by both Autrian and Italian military leaders, offered a strong resistance on Monte Grappa and along th the Piave river, allowing the defensive line along this river to continue to resist the offensive Austrian. The battle of the Solstice...
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