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Very high percentages of adult males were mobilized by all the major belligerent powers. Being principally of young people in the age of procreation, the enormous losses suffered would have triggered serious problems in the post-war period with real demographic collapses, due to the "unborn".
The losses of the Italian army maintained a constant trend in time, with three exceptions: a steadily growing number of sick, due to the bad living conditions until the end of the war; a peak of prisoners taken by the Austro-Hungarian and German armies during the battle of Caporetto, and a significantly decrease of losses (in percentage) during the last war year, thanks to the prudential attitude by the new Supreme commander, general Diaz.
An absolute novelty in regard to the intensity of the conflict, the vastness, the weapons and geopolitical consequences, the Great War has set a new record in its financial cost, which surpassed that of all previous conflicts.
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