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“While death is strolling around Gorizia, meadows and trees bloom everywhere with overwhelming exuberance. It’s like being in the dressing room of a prima donna. However, the women, who are back in the kitchen and help to clean, smile embarrassed, “We are just doing our duty”.  Sure, they forgot to add “For heaven's sake! Don’t mention the war!” ”
(Alice Schalek, Viennese journalist and writer, war correspondent)

Cesare Battisti – Italian politician, Irredentist, journalist and soldier – was born in Trento on 4 February 1875. He came from a middle-class family and grew up in Trentino under Habsburg rule. He attended the classical high school in Trento and studied at university in Florence, where he graduated in Letters in 1897 with a thesis on the geography of Trentino. During his years at university he became acquainted with Irredentism and socialist ideals. Over the following years he continued to...
Austrian and Italian forts built along the border: theater of fights during the First World War.
In August 1915, the Italian forces launched a heavy offensive on the Trentino Front. The Italian artillery constantly bombarded the Austrian fortifications on the plateau, attempting to destroy them and initiate penetration of the enemy lines. However, the so-called war of the forts had distant origins and its consequences, negligible at the tactical level, showed the inadequacy of the field armies in the new war they were fighting. 
With the entry of Italy into World War I, Cadorna finally had a way to put in practice his convictions on carrying out the offensive. He presented himself at the front as an esteemed general, but still lacked experience. In fact during the various wars fought by Italy until then, military campaigns with often uncertain and sometimes disastrous results, he had never occupied positions of command.
The Isonzo valley was the front of intense Italian efforts to open a breach between the Austro-Hungarian defences. The line of combat stretched from Mount Tolmino as far as the sea. 
Giovanni Boine (1887-1917): Class struggle is gangrene and war is the drug
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