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On 11 December 1917 the British General Edmund Allenby (1861-1936) entered Jerusalem, taken from the Ottomans 9 of the same month, through the Jaffa Gate. The general, as a sign of respect for the Holy City, decided to enter on foot and not on horseback, as witnessed by Allenby himself:
"I entered the city officially at noon, December 11th, with a few of my staff, the commanders of the French and Italian detachments, the heads of the political missions, and the Military Attaches of France,...
The capture of Jerusalem, although strategically insignificant in deciding the fate of the war, was widely touted as a major allied victory, especially because of the great historical and religious significance of the city. The Ottoman forces, despite the fierce resistance of previous clashes and the support of the Austro-Germans allies in terms of weaponry, Officers and small contingents of troops, had to yield to the superior allied forces.
“All the armies that have sought to take Jerusalem have passed this way, save only that of Joshua. Philistine and Hittite, Babylonian and Assyrian, Egyptian and Roman and Greek, Frankish Knights of the Cross, all have passed this way, and all have watered the hill of Amwas with their blood.”
(R.M.P. Preston, The Desert Mounted Corps, 1921)

In December 1917, the British Empire’s Egyptian Expeditionary Force, aided by other British and Australian units, occupied...
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