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"The war against Austria-Hungary which, under the high command of HM the King, supreme leader, the Italian Army, inferior in the number of men and vehicles, began on 24 May 1915 and with unwavering faith and tenacious valour conducted continuously and fiercely for 41 months, has been won. The gigantic battle which began on the 24th of October, and in which fifty-one Italian divisions, three British, two French, one Czechoslovak, and an American regiment took part, against seventy-three...
On 8th May 1918 one topic dominated the front pages of the Austro-Hungarian newspapers: the peace treaty signed the day before with Romania. This put a definitive end to the 1916/17 campaign, which the Central Powers waged successfully, though it did put their forces under strain, and which only the Russian Revolution managed to bring to an end.

The Romanian way to the war:
Alice Schalek was born on 21 August 1874 in Vienna into an upper-class liberal Jewish family. After publishing her first works under the pseudonym Paul Michaely, she worked for over 30 years from 1903 for the famous Viennese daily newspaper Neue Freie Presse. From 1905 onwards Schalek travelled further afield visiting amongst other places North Africa, the Near East and South East Asia, elaborating her experiences in her columns, books and lectures.
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