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 “And what if excess of love - Bewildered them till they died? - I write it out in a verse - MacDonagh and MacBride - And Connolly and Pearse - Now and in time to be - Wherever green is worn, - Are changed, changed utterly: - A terrible beauty is born"
(W. B. Yeats, “Easter 1916”)

-450 Dead: 132 soldiers, 63 rebels, 254 civilians; more than 500 injured, 16 executed -
These simple and terrible figures summarise the 1916 Dublin uprising, but the Easter Rising...
In October of 1915, a massive joint offensive of the Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian and German forces, commanded by the German General von Mackensen, overwhelmed the Serbian army and completed the conquest of the Balkans. After more than a year of resistance, the Serbs had recover to the Greek island of Corfu, under the protection of the Allied forces.
In the decades before 1914 an exasperated nationalism and the aggravation of international tensions provoked a dangerous arms race. All powers, large and small, sought to modernize their armies and their fleets. In particular, the naval arms race between Germany and the British Empire had an outstanding relevance.
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