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In no other naval engagement of the Great War was there such a satisfying and decisive victory for the British. It more than made up for the defeat off Coronel, and the Grand Fleet in the North Sea was not able to repeat the South Atlantic success.
(Captain J.D. Allen, HMS Kent)
The epic of the German naval squadron in the Far East is undoubtedly one of the more adventurous episodes of the First World War. Despite many early successes, courage and determination of the crews and the ability of Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee, the Kaiserliche Marine had quickly succumbed to the British superiority.
To respond to the economic blockade imposed by the Entente, Germany used the submarines on a large scale. The ship sinking left   the merchant shipping of the Allies in serious difficulty. However, the continuation of the war and the adoption of armed convoys caused  the German efforts to be useless.
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