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Gottfried von Banfield was born on 6 February 1890 in Castelnuovo di Cattaro in Dalmatia, the youngest child of Ship-of-the-Line Captain Richard Mitis Banfield and Natalie Baroness Mumb von Mühlhaim. His father’s side of the family came from Ireland; in 1830 his grandfather had entered the services of the King of Bavaria and eventually served the Habsburg monarchy. After attending the naval primary school in Pola and the military secondary school in St. Pölten, he successfully completed the...
“It does not seem to me to be sufficiently recognized everywhere among the officials that the existence or non-existence of our people and Empire is at stake.”
(Paul von Hindenburg)

On 3 February 1917, the German army began a colossal withdrawal operation on the Western Front. Known as “Operation Alberich”, the strategic retreat undertaken by the Chief of the Army Staff, Paul von Hindenburg, was planned to be over in 35 days and its objective was to...
“April is coming to an end. The enemy battalions [...] deployed opposite the First Army are over two hundred; guns, including many large- and medium-caliber, more than a thousand. A huge avalanche”
(Cap. Cesare Pettorelli Lalatta)

Austria-Hungary started its first major offensive against the Trentino section of the Italian front between 15th May and 26th June 1916. No precedents existed for such a large operation in an Alpine...
And the Alpino on the Adamello / Between the snow and glaciers

And as he goes with tranquil heart / An avalanche can fall
(And the Alpin on Castellaccio - song of the First World War)
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