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On 8th May 1918 one topic dominated the front pages of the Austro-Hungarian newspapers: the peace treaty signed the day before with Romania. This put a definitive end to the 1916/17 campaign, which the Central Powers waged successfully, though it did put their forces under strain, and which only the Russian Revolution managed to bring to an end.

The Romanian way to the war:
Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista Della Chiesa was born in an aristocratic family of Genoa, the sixth son of the Marquis Giuseppe and Giovanna Della Chiesa. Particularly attached to his mother and brothers, he received much of his first school education at home, cause for his weak health. He continued his studies successfully in one of the best schools in the city and soon became the vocation to the priesthood. In 1875 he graduated in law and his father allow him to undertake the ecclesiastical...
Christmas Day 1914 saw a miracle: in Flanders, thousands of enemy soldiers put down their weapons and exchanged greetings. It was the last flash of humanity before the horrors of the Great War put aside any fraternity.
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