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Talking to Barrière about the transport to Italy of Austrian prisoners (600 officers and 30,000 soldiers) captured by the Serbs and presently in Albania, I told him that I did not see any reason why we should not keep them in Italy after having overcome all the great difficulties and dangers of men and ships [...]
Sidney Sonnino to Camille Barbière, French Ambassador to Italy on 9 December 1915

The First World War differs from previous conflicts by the large number of prisoners of war that individual states captured and guarded during hostilities. This character of the Great War is also noticeable in the case of the Italian-Austrian front, where Austrians and Germans made prisoners about 600,000 Italian soldiers; at the same time, the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army taken prisoner by the Italians were 477,024 according to official statistics, distributed in a myriad of detention...
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