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One year after the great victory in the twelfth battle of the Isonzo (the battle of Caporetto), the Austro-Hungarian forces suffered the definitive defeat on the Piave front. An authentic route that resembled the Italian defeat of the previous year and which gave the coup de grace to the Austro-Hungarian empire, a little more than 50 years after its birth.
"Maybe Petrograd will be forced to undergo such a government for some time, but that the whole of Russia can remain in the hands of such people is almost unbelievable"
From the diaries of Meriel Buchanan (5 September 1886 - 6 February 1959), daughter of Sir George Buchanan, the last British ambassador in imperial Russia, a direct witness in the days of the October Revolution
The German response to real or alleged atrocities committed by Kaiser's troops in Belgium. German propaganda, published in several languages and in the international press, emphasized that the occupation forces of Belgium, had respected both the civilian population and  the historical monuments. At the same time, the Germans accused the Belgian soldiers and civilians of  carrying out a guerrilla war, violating the conventions of war.
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