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“[...] I want the pen to be on a par with the bayonet [...]”
These verses are drawn from poem Back Home! 1925 of Vladímir Vladímirovič Majakóvskij (1893-1930), poet and playwright of the October Revolution. Mayakovsky intends, with these verses, comparing the strength of the armed revolutionary with that of the intellectual: the bayonets of the soldiers must become pens, weapons useful to spread the communist and revolutionary ideology.
Its is a revolution...
The story of the light cruiser of the Kaiserliche Marine SMS Königsberg, is inextricably linked to Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck (1870 – 1964), the general who led the German troops in the East African Campaign. The cruiser, in service since the beginning of the war, was commanded by Captain Max Loof, who sank a cargo and a British cruiser, before finding shelter in the delta of the Rufiji River in Tanzania, due to a failure of the boilers. The British forces began a campaign to hunt the cruiser...
The Zimmerwald Conference produced an important manifesto condemning the Great War. The thesis of Lenin, Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, that the conflict would turn into a revolution, would have had great success in Russia two years later.
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