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Between 19 and 25 September 1918 the Battle of Megiddo took place, composed by the the Battle of Nablus – where the British Empire's XX Corps attacked the Ottoman Empire's Seventh Army – and the Battle of Sharon – where the XXI Corps attacked the Eight Army. The Battle of Megiddo began the Final Offensive of the war in the Sinai and Palestine campaign.
The heavy and constant air bombardments on both fronts were fundamental, aimed at interrupting the possible escape routes of the enemies, as...
“Wir kamen vor Friaul, Da hätten wir allesamt voll Maul!”
Translation: We came to Friuli, there we all got a mouthful!

(Song from 1540 by Georg Foster, a Landsknecht poet, the title of which - 'Wir zogen in das Feld' - was revisited as 'Wir zogen nach Friaul' in the title of a 1929 bestseller by Helmut Schittenhelm, which gives an eyewitness account of the Battle of Caporetto.)

The Hindenburg Line was conceived as an impressive line of strategic retreat, behind which bleed the Allies, waiting for the German industry and the situation at the front would lay the favourable conditions to launch the final assault on the Anglo-French. It was built through a salient of the German front, so the Deutsches Heer would have shortened their front fifty kilometres, taking the availability of thirteen divisions and fifty heavy artillery batteries. The new line was long 140...
“It does not seem to me to be sufficiently recognized everywhere among the officials that the existence or non-existence of our people and Empire is at stake.”
(Paul von Hindenburg)

On 3 February 1917, the German army began a colossal withdrawal operation on the Western Front. Known as “Operation Alberich”, the strategic retreat undertaken by the Chief of the Army Staff, Paul von Hindenburg, was planned to be over in 35 days and its objective was to...
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